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This page provides information about the Discoverer E-learning training courses that we offer.


 Levels of E-Learning

Our E-Learning courses are offered at the following levels:

  • Corporate - click here to buy or find out more information.
  • Individual - see below

Individual E-Learning

The individual E-Learning courses are broken down into the following modules:

  • Discoverer Administrator - 13 modules
  • Discoverer End User - 17 modules

E-Learning Special Offer

It was almost ten years ago, back in 2004, that Armstrong-Smith Consulting was founded and in that time we have helped over 200 customers with Discoverer training or consulting. We are proud to have attained our five-year status and as a means of saying thank you to all our customers and friends around the world, we are making you an amazing offer on our world-class E-Learning initiative

Click here to place an order

Until further notice we are offering our Discoverer E-Learning courses for the following amazing prices:

  • Administration Class - $99.00
  • End User Class - $199.00
  • Buy both for only $249.00

This is the offer of the year and these prices represent a saving of 1000s of dollars over our standard price list.

We know that these courses will be of particular interest to people outside of the USA, or for people on a limited budget, or for someone like you who would like to get training but your company has cut back on your training budget. Whatever the reason, can you afford not to take part in this offer to get a personal copy of one or both of our world-class training packages?

What will you get?

When you buy our E-Learning training through this offer, you get everything you need to complete your training. Here is what you get:

  • You get the 13 Administration or 17 End User interactive video modules
  • You get a PDF copy of the full Armstrong-Smith Consulting manual
  • You get a copy of the Armstrong-Smith Consulting database schema along with full instructions for installing onto your database
  • You get the full Armstrong-Smith EUL complete with test workbooks
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Interested in purchasing a corporate site license? Click here to buy or find out more information.

E-Learning Training Examples

The following links allow you to try one module from each of the end user and viewer classes for free. We are confident that you will find this new training option easy to use and immediately see its benefits.


Note: you will need to turn off your popup blocker to run these demos.

E-Learning Training End User Examples


Click here to view End User Example Module 1 - Understanding Discoverer.

Click here to view End User Example Module 2 - A First Look at Viewer.

E-Learning Training Administration Example


Click here to view Administration Example Module - Building the Business Area.

E-Learning Overview

This new training opportunity will allow your employees to train at their own pace at their own desk. You will be sent the full course materials and training manuals, as well as full instructions for getting started.

The classes follow the agendas used in our instructor-led training. Click the links in the box below to see the agendas.

We will also be providing help desk support for each licensed student. The help desk will allow the student to speak one on one with an experienced ASC training expert.

E-Learning Courses Duration
Discoverer Administration 
Click Here for Admin Agenda
20 hours
Discoverer End User, including Viewer
Click Here for End User Agenda
30 hours



Discoverer Version

The training material was written using Discoverer 10g. However, the materials can still be used for Discoverer 11g, for the following reasons:

The EUL used by 10g and 11g is the same 
Other than some cosmetic differences, Oracle did not change the look and feel of Discoverer Administrator, Discoverer Plus or Discoverer Viewer. 
The layout of the screens remains unchanged except for some of the wizards where Oracle changed them from having tabs to using links down the left-hand side. The functionality, however, is identical. 


More Information

We invite you to contact us or call Darlene on 931-284-4014 for more information regarding pricing and availability.


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