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Thank you for your interest in buying our corporate E-Learning training package for Oracle Discoverer. Should you wish to pay now, this page will let you pay using either a Credit Card or via PayPal.

Please note that, unless you have made prior arrangements, payment must be paid in full before we can ship the materials, and that shipping and handling are free to any location in the world.

If you intend to pay using a method other than Credit Card or PayPal please call Darlene on 931-284-4014 or use one of the contact methods at the bottom of this page to arrange for payment, get a quote or order via a PO.

We are excited about getting you trained.

What do you get?

When you purchase our corporate E-Learning package for Discoverer, here is what you get:

  • You get a site license to use both our Discoverer Administration and Discoverer End User classes for 2 years
  • You get two installation CDs, one containing the 13 Administration and a second containing the 17 End User interactive video modules
  • You get a PDF copy of both of the full Armstrong-Smith Consulting manuals
  • You get a copy of the Armstrong-Smith Consulting database schema along with full instructions for installing onto your database
  • You get the full Armstrong-Smith EUL complete with test workbooks
  • You are authorised to install the training modules onto any number of files servers within your corporation
  • You are licensed to use the material in either course any number of times over the 2 year period
  • You get free shipping and handling


Are there any Caveats or Restrictions?

Yes, the caveats and restriction that we have are:

  • You must own the relevant Discoverer licenses from Oracle
  • You may not use this material to give training to anyone outside of your company without express permission from ASC
  • You may not use this material in a country to which the United States has prohibited export.



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