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Oracle Statement of Direction for Discoverer

Discoverer Statement of Direction for all the latest information about what is next for Discoverer - check it out


Websites (all sites open in a new window)

Mark Rittman's Oracle Weblog One of our favorite sites for independent tips concerning all things Business Intelligence Newly Updated

Oracle BI Blog by Abhinav Agarwal a great place to look for new info on everything Oracle New Site

Jeff Hunter's DBA / Development Web Site a cool place for Oracle tips

Oracle MetaLink a great place to get help, but you will need a CSI number

Oracle Technology Network's Discoverer and OWB Forums

Oracle Partner Network

Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG)

Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG)

Oracle Warehouse Builder Viewlet Page

Oracle Warehouse Builder Utility Exchange


Oracle Documentation (links open in new window)

Follow these links to get to Oracle's official product information:

Database  10g (Release 2)  |  10g (Release 1)  |  9i [need link for this]

Application Server    10g (10.1.2)  |  10g (9.0.4)  |  9iAS (9.0.2)

Developer Suite    10g (9.0.4)  |  9iDS (9.0.2)

Application Express    Version 3

Discoverer Specific    What's new in Drake


Oracle Downloads (all links open in a new window)

Follow these links to get to Oracle's official download pages:

Application Server / Business Intelligence:
10g(  |  10g (10.1.2)  |  10g (9.0.4)  |  9iAS (9.0.2)

Developer Suite
10g (10.1.2)  |  10g (9.0.4)  |  9iDS (9.0.2)  Oracle have made it easy because all three downloads are on the same page.

Database    10g (Release 2)

Application Express    Release 3 

OBI Discoverer  |  Discoverer  |  Oracle BI Spreadsheet Add In
BI Publisher  |  Application Express


Articles (all articles open in a new window)

What's new in Drake?    
This Oracle article describes the new features of 10.1.2

Oracle Technical Articles
This Oracle site has technical articles on several divers subjects 
Newly Updated

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