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This area, intended to be a source of help to Discoverer administrators and end-users alike, is dedicated to furthering your knowledge of Oracle Discoverer. We cover Desktop, Plus, Viewer and the Administrator editions, and of course the use of Discoverer Portlets within the Oracle Portal.

Latest  We have just posted a new white paper on our download page to help you size your Discoverer server. Michael also presented at the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in New Orleans in June 2008. That paper, about manipulating dates, as well as the PowerPoint presentation and demo scripts can be downloaded from our downloads page.

We have launched a new service for prospective authors of Discoverer, Oracle Warehouse Builder and Business Intelligence white papers, presentations and documents. Click here to take a look.

Important Oracle announce revised roadmap for Discoverer (link)

Third party scheduling and emailing using febooti .

Past News Our presentation, The first View of Discoverer 10g was awarded Best Presentation Content and Topic for ODTUG 2005 at the 2006 conference held in Washington DC. 
Download the presentation here.

Michael operates a dedicated Discoverer Blog where you will find lots of interesting topics and discussions, including additional commentary on our 10g Handbook.

Click here to download these and previous conference presentations and white papers

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