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This new edition of the Oracle Discoverer Handbook has been greatly extended to make it even more comprehensive. We like to think of it as a sort of Discoverer bible. The book is on general release and orders can be placed at Amazon.com

The book has been brought up to date to cover the latest 10g version of Discoverer, 10.1.2. Because no mention was made of Discoverer administration in the original book this has now been corrected. The first edition also made no mention of Discoverer Viewer, using Discoverer with OLAP data, and from discussing any concepts regarding the best way to set up a Discoverer environment. All of this and more is now included.

Because we brought the book up to date, including new screenshots and additional material that was not available in the older versions, the number of pages increased from 575 to just over 1000.

While many of the concepts remain just that, concepts, do not be fooled into thinking that you do not need to buy this copy because you already own the original.

This 10g edition covers Discoverer in much greater depth than ever before and we definitely recommend you get a copy.

When compared to the original handbook, we have added several new chapters:

  • Five chapters dedicated to Discoverer administration
  • One chapter dedicated to Discoverer Viewer
  • One chapter dedicated to OLAP and how to use it inside Discoverer
  • One chapter dedicated to Michael's gold mine of answers to frequently asked questions (things to watch for and how to fix them - this alone is worth the cost)

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