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Some of our recent blog postings of significance to Discoverer are:

  • Profiles of the Future

    Oct 25, 2018 | 00:55 am

    I've been thinking about the laws of the universe recently and came across a book written by the science fiction master Arthur C. Clarke called Profiles of the Future. Over the course of many years and several revisions he put forward the hypothesis that there are 3 laws for predicting the future.These are:Clarke's first lawWhen[…]

  • Discoverer and Windows 10

    Oct 25, 2018 | 00:52 am

    Hi everyoneFurther to a earlier posting of mine it would appear that Windows 10 and Discoverer are incompatible.Michael

  • Oct 25, 2018 | 00:52 am

    Are you interested in OBIEE?While browsing for OBIEE tutorials on YouTube we found this fantastic video on OBIEE.Click this link if you are interested in knowing more:-OBIEE Tutorial

  • Are you worried about what to do now that Discoverer is almost out of support

    Apr 13, 2016 | 04:52 am

    Hello everyoneLike me, if you are a big user of Discoverer, you would have been alarmed at the news a few years ago that Oracle was dropping the tool.Well, once I got over my alarm I started to think about how my clients could maximize their use of the at times millions of dollars of[…]

  • Are you having trouble starting Weblogic from a Windows service

    Apr 13, 2016 | 04:33 am

    Are you having trouble starting Weblogic on Windows and thus unable to start the WLS_DISCO service? If so, you can start Wenlogic from the command line.To start Weblogic from the command line, follow these steps:Open a CMD windowNavigate to the bin folder for Weblogic. Mine is located at C:\oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\ClassicDomain\binRun startweblogic.cmdProvide a username - in my[…]

  • Might need to use Tunneling with Discoverer 11g

    Mar 19, 2015 | 14:48 pm

    Might need to use Tunneling with Discoverer 11g I have noticed a few instances recently of Discoverer 11g Plus failing to open or taking an awful long time to open.In both of the cases where this has been reported to me by my clients, changing the plus communication protocol from Default to Tunneling did the trick.To enable tunneling for use with Discoverer Plus,[…]

  • Still here

    Jul 22, 2014 | 08:50 am

    Hi everyoneI am still here. Just wanted to let you know that I am still in the business of working with Discoverer even though Oracle recently announced that it would be de-supported. If you need help just get in touch.Also, you may not be aware but we have updated our Discoverer Handbook with the latest[…]

  • New OTN Interface

    Jun 10, 2013 | 17:32 pm

    If you are a user of OTN (Oracle Technology Network) you should have noticed that there is a new interface. I think its pretty cool. What do you think?

  • My Oracle Support Interface Change

    Jun 27, 2012 | 19:07 pm

    If you are a use of My Oracle Support you should have received notification regarding a change to the user interface. As of July 13, 2012 Oracle will be retiring their Flash-based interface and replacing it with an improved HTML interface that has added functionality.There is a CALL TO ACTION regarding this change. If you follow[…]

  • Warning concerning Java 7 and E-Business Suite

    Jun 14, 2012 | 13:17 pm

    This notification is being posted at the request of Oracle CorporationAll E-Business Suite desktop administrators must disable the JRE Auto-Update for their end users immediately to stop it updating to Java 1.7.URGENT BULLETIN:  Disable JRE Auto-Update for All E-Business Suite End-Users.The following link from my fellow blogger Steve Chan explains more:https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/entry/bulletin_disable_jre_auto_updateSo why is this required?If[…]


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